Simulator Training

When you wish to do some practice on techniques and procedures.

Approaches, Emergency Procedures, Upset Recovery, etc etc

Instructors will run scenarios you request.

Flight Simulators are advanced ways of simulating flying in various conditions and situations, whilst remaining in a safe and affordable surroundings. The Full Flight Simulator or Full Motion Simulator is used for Pilot training so to create adverse wether conditions, and emergency situations, that are not advisable or possible to train on the real aircraft for many reasons.

Some examples of simulator training for weather scenarios is wind shear, turbulence, strong cross winds, precipitation, clouds, snow and ice. With emergency procedures training such as loss of engine, upset recovery, unusual attitudes, engine fire or cabin fire, systems failures, and even Pilot incapacitation.

Flight training in a simulator allows Pilots to practice difficult approaches or manoeuvres, or simulate extreme airport destinations. The choice is to be able to fly at airports all around the world in all conditions.

Our Instructors will teach you for requirements on your chosen training plan, and can observe your progress and reactions to various factors. They can teach and show application of flight controls techniques and the effects of other aircraft systems. 

Very importantly if during training in the simulator something goes wrong, there is no aircraft damage, no damage to any person, no difficult explanations for your actions, and no huge insurance claim. This allows you the confidence to try difficult or demanding manoeuvres and scenarios without the fear and stress of being in the actual aircraft in a real world situation.

At a fraction of the cost of a real aircraft per hour you enjoy the financial rewards of training in a simulator. You can also enter simulator time in your log book as simulator training time to keep a record of your experience.

Whether you are getting in some practice for an upcoming assessment, you want to improve on techniques and procedures, or you just want to have fun flying the simulator, we can accommodate you.

Think of some scenarios and play them out in the simulator.

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