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Applying for a Position in our Company

Take advantage of the stability and security working for Vortices Aviation.

Are you qualified Flight Crew or Personnel looking for a new Airline or Company to operate for? Maybe you are current Flight Crew or Personnel serving an Airline or Company but are looking to improve your financial situation and/or conditions.

If this is the case then you need to speak to us to find out what we can do for you. All our existing employees take advantage of full protections of being employed, and the security of knowing everything is legal, with your activities protected, and accountable to all country of origin legal bodies and governments.

Perhaps you work in an ACMI Airline and have seen articles that legal organisations are investigating the contracts you are operating under, as they are stating that they are not legal or lawful. This is causing a vast amount of worry to such Flight Crews, why not take steps to protect your career and livelihood before these investigations amount to a finding as such, and investigations turn to the Flight Crews directly though Agencies and/or ACMI Airlines.

Being employed by our company means that you can operate for your Agency and/or Airline, even if it is ACMI, with the confidence and stability that you are removed from these investigations. With the financial improvement and benefits compared to what you currently receive.

Many aircrew put in the workload and hours to achieve a decent remuneration in wages each month. Sadly all too often taxes and deductions etc take a massive reduction out of what you actually receive as net pay.

We have successfully greatly improved the situation for many people through being employed by our Company, and directly or indirectly supplied to Airlines and Companies. Should you already be with an Agency there is no need to transfer out, we have agreements with many Agencies to provide our solution.

Being employed by us you take advantage of paying low rates in Cyprus, along with a host of other benefits brought to you by our Company. This means much less tax and deductions percentage for you than where you currently pay your taxes.

We take care of all the administration, financial obligations, legal aspects, accountancy, plus social insurance and tax payments, on your behalf. You just look forward to your wage directly into your chosen account promptly.

Additional things you may be thinking of acquiring such as Residency or a Bank Account, we have a Fast Track procedure, also we can advise you on what requirements you must fulfil and the associated documents. We provide a staff member to assist you with all processes from start to finish.

We also established a collaboration with a leading Loss Of Licence company to protect your Professional Licence and Financial Security. Being employed by us qualifies you for a discount on the monthly subscription, this as a benefit to you, on the package you choose for insurance, for paying out should you be so unfortunate to lose your licence.

To be employed in Cyprus by a Company here to take advantage of paying your financial deductions and taxes here, you must be either a Cypriot National or a holder of a Cyprus Residency certificate. For this reason we assist non Cypriot Nationalists with the procedure to obtain Official Residency in Cyprus to qualify for employment.

The local Bank Account is a benefit for remunerations transfer, as there is no fees involved, and the process is same day. This is also offering more official financial safety, due to many Flight Crew previously using many virtual banks such as Revolut, which recently are now required to start checking tax registrations of all clients, and investigate where the paid in funds came from and that the corresponding taxes have been correctly paid in full.

If you decide in future to change Agency or Airline, there is no problem everything remains the same for you through our Company, so the switch is seamless and stress free for you. In many cases the new Agency or Airline also benefiting from the services we provide them.

Our employees tell us they are all extremely happy that they came to us, making us understand we are providing them the solution they had previously been wishing for. That is our mission, to make your life easier and stress free regarding working and remunerations.

Why not talk to us about your situation?...... we are confident we can help.

If you are interested to find out more send a request and CV via: applicant@flymedirect.com

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