Cabin Crew Training

Courses incorporating Theoretical and Practical training.

Would you like to travel the world and get paid for it?

Different experiences daily with amazing colleagues.

Cabin Crew get to travel to many different countries, stay over at many destinations to explore them, all whilst getting paid at the same time. And are not alone, their colleagues who become their friends are there alongside them to enhance the experiences further.

Although it is not all about spending their time vacation style, they also play an important part of the Flight Crew team. Cabin Crew are responsible for passenger safety, the passengers well being and security, which assists in smooth operation of flights.

When great Cabin Crew interact with passengers it makes the flight so much more interesting and enjoyable for those passengers. Many Cabin Crew say this is a very rewarding feeling, that they have directly contributed to a passengers contentment and happiness travelling with them.

All training is provided in a controlled environment, by Aviation professionals, whose motive is to give the very best training to everyone on the course.

Experienced instructors provide informative and enjoyable training in realistic scenarios. Training is provided in classroom, and an mock up aircraft to practice items such a emergency drills. Emergency evacuation slide training is fun and great for team building strategies. Fire fighting is an exciting and important part of the skills to be developed in a safe training environment. 

Think you would like to work in a rewarding team environment workplace.

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