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Vortices Aviation is a Cyprus Company.

Centrally based in the Mediterranean.

Solutions for Airlines,  Companies, and Personnel.

Professional Crew

Professional Crew

Captain's, First Officers' and Cabin Crew that will make your operations run smoothly and highly efficient for you.

Make managing your Airline/Company far less resource and time consuming by us providing Air Crew.


Whether you require a Executive Jet for a trip, possibly your own aircraft positioned to another Country for you.

Our experts organise your specific flight, taking precision and care on planning the exact particular details.

Training Facilities

Training Facilities

Aviation courses designed to advance proficient Pilots, also take cadets to continuous improved levels of skill.

Simulators, Instructors, and Aviation Resources for all training and revalidation/renewal requirements.

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Welcome to Vortices Aviation

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Providing the highest standards, ensuring complete operational safety, extremely effective and reliable services to all our Clients.

Our vast experience in the Aviation industry fulfils your exact demands, complemented by our ethic to efficiently conduct your requests.

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Pilot Provision

Pilot Provision

Fully Qualified Pilots

Vortices-Aviation-Pilot Training
Pilot Training

Pilot Training

Cadet or Renewals

Charter a Jet

Charter a Jet

Direct and Fast

Crew Provision

Crew Provision

Fully Trained Crew

Crew Training

Initial or Advanced


Personnel & Recruitment

About Our Company

Welcome to Vortices Aviation, a professional service provider in the aviation industry.

Dedicated to providing exceptional services and solutions, working alongside you at every step.

With a passion for everything aviation and a commitment to excellence.

We take pride in offering high standard aviation services tailored to meet your requirements.

Proactive innovative aviation company, we are driven by safety and efficiency.

Management are skilled aviation enthusiasts with experience from active Airlines.

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Clients & Personnel

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    Michael Goss

    Personnel Supply: Pilot Provision

    "Vortices Aviation's Pilot Provision exceeded my expectations. The Pilots were not only knowledgeable about operations, but also well-versed in the legal and safety aspects of operating the aircraft. The professional approach was invaluable, and I crewed our aircraft without any stress or hassle. I am now accepting more contracts, in the reassurance I can rely on Vortices Aviation to supply us with further crew to operate a larger fleet."

      Markos Judez

      Aviation Training: Airline Transport Pilots Licence

      "Completing my frozen Airline Transport Pilots Licence, with active Commercial Pilot Licence, training with Vortices Aviation was an unforgettable memory. The flight instructors were highly professional and approachable, and the training aircraft were well maintained. Their personalised approach to training allowed me to progress at my own pace, building my skills and confidence as a Pilot. I am forever grateful to Vortices Aviation for helping me achieve my aviation ambitions. My next step is to gain experience and build airline hours with the company I am in, for the progression to unfreezing my ATPL."

        Danijela Marietti

        Aviation Training: Cabin Crew

        "Vortices Aviation's Cabin Crew Course was a game changer for my career. The course content was extensive and covered all aspects of the profession, including safety protocols and customer service. The trainers were not only experienced senior flight attendants themselves, but also excellent mentors. I'm now working with a leading airline, seeing the world and getting paid for it, owing my success to Vortices Aviation."

          Hemal Desai

          Aviation Training: Private Pilot Licence

          "Enrolling in Vortices Aviation's Private Pilot Course for my PPL was the best decision I made for my aviation journey to the airlines. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and supportive throughout all of the training. They provided valuable insights and hands-on experience, preparing me for a successful aviation career. I highly recommend Vortices Aviation to all aspiring Pilots to begin their career with this friendly and professional company."

            Marcello Brancorsini

            Aircraft Services: Charter a Jet

            “I have the need to travel with my company, and sometimes the scheduled airlines do not operate within my timeframe, or do not operate close to where I need to get to, due to no international airport close by. A friend suggested to me that why I had not looked into hiring a small private jet to get me to exactly where I need to be. So I came across Vortices Aviation and contacted them. They talked me through possibilities and options to suit my exact requirements. Next thing I was boarding a very comfortable private jet that took me right to my destination. Thank you again Vortices Aviation for the efficient solution.“

              Andrew Apostolis

              Recruitment: Employment

              “After being a freelance Pilot for many years I had grown tired of being self employed, having all the responsibilities of such, the book keeping and the fees involved. I ran into a colleague from years previous, and I brought up the topic over coffee. They said they were no longer in this situation as they were employed by Vortices Aviation, they received far more benefits, and paid less taxes too. That colleague referred me to them, I talked through everything, and found I would be far better off doing the same. I am currently employed through Vortices Aviation and contracted to the same Airline, the perfect result.”

              Unleash your Aviation Dreams, Vortices Aviation will work alongside you to take you to new heights.

              Discover a world of limitless possibilities in Aviation.

              Experience exceptional services and embark on a partnership to achieve your objectives.