Company Incorporation

Creating and Managing a Company on your behalf.

Be compliant with new EU Regulations

Payments to you with the Social Insurance and Tax benefits of Cyprus.

Many Flight Crew are in an uncertain period due to the European Union changing legislation on payments and receiving money from a Country outside of your residence. Meaning many Flight Crew are having to change their situation regarding their financial obligations regarding receiving of money.

Also there are many articles that legal organisations are investigating the contracts Flight Crews are operating under through Agencies, especially for ACMI Airlines. Meaning if you are in this position then you should either be employed or operate through a Company to avoid being in the spotlight for investigation.

We have the solution to this predicament, which will allow you to maintain or even vastly improve your financial situation and conditions. Whilst not increasing your workload with regards to legal and financial paperwork, keeping the procedure of receiving your remuneration without any extra workload involved for you.

For persons not in a position to be employed by us, or persons looking for a different way of legally receiving remuneration in their home Country, we create a small Company on your behalf and manage it accordingly. Giving you the same assistance and benefits of being employed by us, such as administration, financial, accountancy and legal services.

We can form the Company and incorporate it with our own Corporate Lawyer to ensure everything is completed accurately and competently. Followed by the Government issuing the Certificate Of Incorporation, Articles Of Association, and Company Certificates

Additional things you may be thinking of acquiring such as Residency or a Cyprus Bank Account, we have a Fast Track procedure, also we can advise you on what requirements you must fulfil and the associated documents. We provide a staff member to assist you with all processes from start to finish.

A local Bank Account is a benefit for remunerations transfer, as there is no fees involved, and the process is same day. Also it may be wise to have a local bank, due to virtual banks such as Revolut, are recently are now required to start checking tax registrations of all clients, and investigate where the paid in funds came from and that the corresponding taxes have been correctly paid in full.

We also established a collaboration with a leading Loss Of Licence company to protect your Professional Licence and Financial Security. Being managed by us qualifies you for a discount on the monthly subscription, this as a benefit to you, on the package you choose for insurance, for paying out should you be so unfortunate to lose your licence.

We will manage your Company for you, taking care of all the day to day runnings, invoicing of the Agency or Airline, the full monthly and annual accountancy. Then you choose whether you require salary or dividends as your remuneration.

You have also satisfied the stipulation of a Cyprus appointed position holder regarding your Company. Which means you have an official presence, and a physical presence in Cyprus to undertake any errands for the Company.

Some things Flight Crews wonder about is if they think to change the Agency or Airline they are operating for at present. Changing your Agency or Airline in the future, everything remains the same for you, so the switch is smooth and stress free for you.

It is advisable to have a Company incorporated for you alone, as then you are in control by yourself, and no future complications with other Company Directors. Although if you have trustworthy colleagues who you wish to be part of the Company together to share the initial costs, then we can accommodate this at your request.

We are extremely competitive on all costs involved to incorporate the Company and get you up and running with stability. As we prefer to have an ongoing business relationship with you, where all parties concerned remain mutually beneficial.

Hopefully that sounds like what you are looking for, a way to receive your remunerations within the EU Regulations, and without the hassle of paperwork and accounting each and every month. Payments into your account net value, and the associated payslips to match for your records.

You will require a local business address in Cyprus for your Company Office, which is something we can assist you with should you require us to. If you require Cyprus Residency as well, then you will require a residential address in Cyprus, which is something we can also assist you with should you so wish.

If you would like to achieve a decent remuneration in wages each month, and pay much less Social Insurance and Tax then this is something you should consider. We can make it work for you, that you wonder why you did not know about this earlier.

Confused about your situation?...... we are the solution.

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