Private Pilots Licence

Just for Pleasure, or to start a Professional Career.

Are you eager to stretch your aspiring wings and fly?

Feel the sense of absolute freedom.

The reason to train for a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) can be for personal enjoyment, or the stepping stone for ambition to become a Professional Pilot and have a career in Aviation. Though whatever reason behind wanting a Private Pilots Licence, the main reason is usually that the person loves the idea of flying through the sky.

Once you obtain a PPL you will have the ability to hire light aircraft and fly around your local area, or depart for a different destination for the day. At first being restricted to flying in daytime and god visual conditions, which can be advanced from later on with the addition of an Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) Rating, and/or a Night Rating to fly after dark.

You will be able to take passengers on your flights, although you are not permitted to charge money for the flight, instead to make flying less heavy on your pocket you can ‘cost share’ by splitting the total cost equally amongst you and your passengers. This will make things more affordable for you when flying, and also give you company on those airborne trips.

Requirements to start a PPL are that you can speak, read, and write in English. You have no serious medical or physical disabilities, so are medically fit enough to pass a Class Three Medical. And that you have basic ability in maths to add, subtract, multiply and divide, to be able to function as a Pilot.

The route we advise to take for the PPL, is to first have a experience flight to see that actual flying loves up to your expectations, and that you enjoy it. Followed by obtaining a minimum of Class Three Medical before to start spending money on flying lessons, so you are sure that nothing medically is going to prevent you completing the PPL.

Once those first steps are done, you can begin the enjoyment of learning to fly, with classroom lessons and aircraft flight lessons. During your training you will study and take exams on Principles of Flight, Air Law, Aircraft General Knowledge, Meteorology, Navigation, Instrumentation, Operational Procedures, Flight Performance and Planning, Human Performance and Limitations, VFR Communication.

Once you are at the stage for going solo, and are aged 16 years old or over, you can be signed off by your Flying Instructor to fly solo flights in the aircraft. A very exciting and special moment in your training.

Upon completing all the ground school exams, plus all the flight training (EASA minimum of 45 hours), you are above 17 years old and your Flying Instructor deems you are ready, you may take the General Flight Test.

Passing the General Flight Test would mean you can be issued a Private Pilots Licence and can take to the skies without a Flying Instructor with you or to sign you off. You will have gained your wings, free to soar the skies.

Come and see if flying is as good as it sounds.

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