Ferry Flights

Positioning various Aircraft or Crew on your behalf.

Delivering anywhere in the world

All sizes and types of aircraft.

Whether you have something such as a Cessna 150, a twin engine KingAir, or up to a much larger aircraft such as an Airbus 380, we can collect and position it to wherever in the world you need it to be. From the vast experience of different types of aircraft and multitude of countries operated in and out of, makes the delivery a smooth process.

Maybe you have purchased that dream aircraft direct from the manufacturer, and you just need someone to bring it home for you. Or you are buying form a private seller, and want your new acquisition brought to your closest airport to where it will be based.

We use our designated ferry Pilots who are ATPL holders and have the relevant Licence, Type Rating and qualifications for your aircraft. Whom have many years of charter experience in conducting worldwide operations.

Naturally our Pilots have the associated training required for safety and ferry operations all current, meaning they are ready to go at a moments notice. Combined with our Aviation network of companies and agents around the world who assist with all the paperwork and regulations required.

Your aircraft will be transported with the utmost care and attentiveness, as if it was one of our own aircraft. So it will arrive in pristine condition, and be ready for you to finally take possession.

Get your aircraft brought to you safely and swiftly.

If you are interested to discuss what we can provide to you, please get in touch via: aircraftservices@flymedirect.com

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