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The first step of any hopeful future Pilot is to gain a PPL (Private Pilots Licence).
Once achieved this will give you a taste for Aviation, and the stepping stone to proceed for a Professional Pilots Licence. Firstly find out if you like flying, then check that you are medically fit to proceed all the way to an ATPL/CPL. It is important to know where you stand prior to spending a lot of money on your future career.

The Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL) is achieved by training for a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL). Once you hold an active valid CPL, you will over time unfreeze your ATPL with experience followed by the test.

Our training and packages are conducted to a high standard, with safety and efficiency. Alongside being conducted in an interesting, explanatory, and informative way.

We train Pilots for operation all around the world under, EASA, JAA, ICAO, FAA, regulatory bodies. Choose which continent you wish to operate, the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, to train for the relevant licence and qualifications.

Vortices Aviation can also offer you a total package, taking you through all the training required, then offering you a job with one of our partner Airlines to build even more hours on type and get paid. This offer is exclusive and subject to availability at the time of application for this package.

We understand that positioning into a different country other than your home country can be daunting. At hand are our team to discuss your particulars, then source flights and accommodation should you request it. If you require a visa we are able to organise all relevant paperwork, should you require it to travel from your home country to the training country.

Every package is bespoke due to company, country, and other factors affecting the overall cost of training required. There will always be a member of our staff at hand to provide you with any assistance required during our packages.

Unfortunately everything in Aviation is costly, this cannot be avoided, but for your Dream Job it requires investment before the payoff. We have a competitive package prices, and even have options to split the cost over the duration of your training if you prefer.

The requirements for Pilots all around the world is ever present, even when the Aviation industry is on a low it always recovers. In the meantime, your focus should be on being fully qualified ready for when the next Airline recruitment drive begins.

We can advise you on the journey you need to take from beginning to arrival destination. We suggest the using the training structure in the following order:

Trial Flight

Class One Medical

PPL Flying Lessons

PPL Ground Exams

PPL General Flight Test

PPL Night Rating

Build 100 Hours Experience

ATPL Theoretical Training

ATPL Theoretical Exams

Instrument Rating Simulator Training

Instrument Rating Flight Training

Instrument Rating Test

CPL Flight Training

CPL Flight Test

Multi Crew Co-operation Course

Aircraft Type Rating & Base Training

Once you complete the first five stages and hold a PPL in your hand, plus you are aged 21 years old or over, you are ready to proceed with further training.

The next two stages can be undertaken at any time, but must be prior to starting Instrument Rating Flight Training / CPL Flight Training.

The initial professional step is to study, either on a integrated course or modular, for the ATPL Theoretical Exams. There are 14 subjects to increase your knowledge in all aspects of aviation. All subjects for test can be split, with 4 attempts total, into the 6 exam sittings which can be taken on a monthly basis.

Once you have passed all the ATPL Theoretical Exams you are on your way to the exciting part of flying, a Night Rating is required before undertaking the training for the Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL).

The Instrument Rating training begins in the Simulator, and then progresses onto the real aircraft. We recommend the aircraft you choose is multi engine, otherwise your IR will be only valid on single engine aircraft. Once at the level required you will take the Instrument Rating Test in the real aircraft. After the IR is passed you will next take the CPL training, after which the test. This can be completed in a single engine aircraft, or a multi engine aircraft, purely on your individual preference

Once all of this is complete you can be issued your Commercial Pilots Licence with a frozen Airline Pilots Licence (ATPL). A joyous event to celebrate, and be proud of all the hard work endured so far.

To progress to be suitable for entry into the Airline World you will require a couple more additions to your Licence. Ideally next will be to complete a Multi Crew Cooperation Course (MCC), which is light hearted training, and a step onto the Jet Simulator. As a newly qualified Professional Pilot with a frozen ATPL and MCC the basic qualification has been achieved.

But this unfortunately does not allow you through the doorway into the world of flying an Airliner and getting paid for the privilege. The next step is to complete a Type Rating on the particular aircraft you have chosen to fly in your Aviation Career.

Aircraft most commonly Type Rated on at present due to Airline demand are Airbus A320 family and Boeing 737. At the end of the Type Rating you are required to complete Base Training, typically 6 take off and landings on the actual aircraft. With a Type Rating and Base Training completed the aviation authority will endorse the aircraft rating on your licence.

After completing the above structure you will have a valid Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) combined with a frozen Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL). You are now ready and able to join an Airline to fly actively as a First Officer on your chosen Type of Aircraft which you completed the Aircraft Type Rating.

If you require, Vortices Aviation can assist you with placement to Airlines, which may be useful if you struggle to gain a position by yourself with zero/low hours on Type. 

The Airline Transport Pilots Licence is unfrozen by experience of 1500 hours total, with criteria of hours in aspects, ending with an ATPL test in the Simulator.

Vortices Aviation provides further training, such as Line Training, Simulator Training, Rating Recurrent/Renewal, and even for in the future a Command Upgrade.

If you feel you are ready and financially in a position to commence the training you require to make yourself eligible to Airlines then contact us. We will discuss your options, then design and arrange the bespoke package you deserve.

You could be in uniform and earning that salary sooner than you think.

If you are interested to discuss what we can provide to you, please get in touch via: training@flymedirect.com

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