Command Upgrade

The position you have worked your whole career to achieve.


Commander and PIC responsible for operation and safety of Aircraft, Crew, and PAX.

This is what you have been flying all this time and working towards, the transition from right seat to left seat as Aircraft Commander. A position not to be taken lightly, you must feel fully ready, absolutely able, and very competent, to put yourself forward for a position in an Airline as Captain.

Complying with Aviation Authority requirements our Command Upgrade Course provides the essential skills and knowledge to move into the role of Commander. Our experienced instructors will teach you everything required to evolve you from First Officer to Captain.

You need a combination of attributes such as leadership skills, approachable character, engaging personality, and good communication. This integration of skills will support you to be understood and respected by your Flight Crew colleagues, making the daily operations smooth and efficient.

During the Ground School element of the training we will cover items such as leadership techniques, standard operating procedures, security, flight safety, threat and error management, situational awareness, human factors, decision making, resilience, monitoring and intervention, surprise and startle effect, human error, stress management, fatigue and sleep.

Through the Simulator Training sessions you will be taught the practical application of the knowledge gained from the training scenarios. You will experience operating in much tougher conditions, and how to apply techniques for difficult approaches and situations. Moving on to all the various emergency procedures and decision making for safe and effective operations at all times.

With the Ground School exams passed and the final Simulator test passed, you will have the composition of a Captain, ready to move seats in your current Airline, or to apply to Airlines as a fully trained Captain ready to operate for them.

To be accepted as Captain you must have the unfrozen ATPL, the minimum hours of experience requested, and qualify for any individual additional requirements of the specific Airline.

Walk out to the aircraft knowing your determination came to fruition.

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