Line Training

Accrue those hours of experience you require.

The moment you step onto the aircraft to fly Airline Operations

All your hard work in training has paid off.

Airline companies recruit First Officers after completing all their training, although just to apply they usually stipulate a minimum 500 hours experience on aircraft type for low cost carrier Airlines as qualifying criteria, and 1000 to 2000 hours experience on aircraft type for the higher reputation Airlines as qualifying criteria.

This is a major obstacle in the way of obtaining your first Airline job. A way to gain this experience is to be attached to one of our partner Airlines for Line Training of 500 hours. There are periods where our partners offer free placement on Line Training, which is open to cadets who completed other training packages with us. Unfortunately there are periods where there is no free Line Training available, which is decided by the Aviation industry current market, only package costs for Line Training.

We truly hope that you are able to gain employment with just a Type Rating and Base Training, as if it is a period where no free Line Training is available then either you may wait, or take a Line Training package. We do not promote or endorse the Line Training packages, as we believe it is not ideal to 'pay to fly' after qualifying, but if you feel you wish to gain the experience at that time, we can arrange a Line Training package for you.

On Line Training you will fly actively as an Airline Pilot with an Airline and accumulate many hours of experience on type. With Line Training packages often we negotiate a contracted Airline job at the Line Training completion for a duration of 12 months. Which gives you time to gain even more experience, whilst also earning a wage as First Officer.

You want to make your dream of being an Airline Pilot a reality, then start Line Training and gain the experience the Airline asks for to qualify for a job with them.

Overcome the final hurdle to regularly be up in the air.

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