Multi-Crew Cooperation

Requirement for Pilots to be able to fly multi-crew aircraft.

First 'hands on' with an Airline Type aircraft simulator

Focus on teamwork with the experience of flying aircraft type.

When working in a multi-crew environment you will need both technical and non-technical skills and abilities, plus the way of speaking and interacting with the other Flight Crew member (CRM).

These skills will be taught and tested whilst operating the simulator to give a feel of the conditions in which you must operate in Normal Conditions, Abnormal Conditions, and Emergency Conditions.

Focus will be on problem solving and decision making whilst organising your workload to maintain operational procedures and safety of the aircraft, in this instance an aircraft simulator.

The training will prepare you for communication, teamwork, decision making, and leadership, alongside the use of checklists and standard operational proceeders (SOP’s).

To enrol on the MCC Course you must have a valid CPL(A) inclusive of ATPL Theory passed, a valid Multi-Engine Rating, a valid Instrument Rating, your current and valid Class One Medical, plus hold a English Language Proficiency of minimum standard ICAO Level 4 certificate.

The course duration will usually be around 8 days and incorporate 20 hours of simulator in the training.

What may seem a simple course but is a stipulated requirement.

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